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Coach Kat, also known as Katherine Secor, is a professional bodybuilder (IFBB), Super League Pro, ISSA certified personal trainer, and internationally renowned paintball player. She is also a successful entrepreneur and business owner.


In 2013 she won her first women’s physique bodybuilding show and went on to compete nationally for 2 more years before earning her professional status in November of 2015. She earned a 2nd place professional win as well as a 10th place ranking. In 2017 Kat went on to become a Super League Pro and in 2018 competed in her first powerlifting meet. Walking away with an 1150 total, breaking State Records and ranking her 5th in North America in her weight class. 


Her passion for fitness and health goes beyond just competing.


Kat’s passion is helping people change their lives through

fitness, health, and self-love.

About Kat 

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