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The Key Principles for Weight Loss and Lifestyle Change

Dr Mimi Secor, my awesome mom, shares key principles for weight loss and lifestyle change on Business Rockstars with host Mark Lack.

Click the video below to watch this episode now and invest 30 minutes in your better health.

Every week, my mom and I set aside a few hours of our time to speak with women who are struggling with their weight. Is that you? Would you like to schedule a FREE chat with us?

Here are the key points with time markers, if you want to jump ahead.

  • [00:44] The problem

  • [01:25] Quick tips; Adequate protein, water intake, sleep, understanding nutrition

  • [02:13] Small, consistent changes

  • [03:10] Maintaining health in your 60's; committing, no excuses

  • [06:15] The not so obvious; sleep schedule, rehydrate in the morning, food choices

  • [07:18] The habit is more important than the intensity

  • [08:08] Support and accountability

  • [08:48] Overcoming adversity

  • [10:46] Its never too late to lose weight, get healthy, or dream a new dream

  • [11:44] Eliminating excuses

  • [14:15] There is no glory in maintenance

  • [14:55] Long term sustainable change

  • [18:50] If you feel like you've tried it all....

If you're struggling to lose weight and to keep that weight off, let's chat.

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